Why my application is not accpeted?

Please don’t take it personally! The better your application was, the less likely there is to be an answer to this question. We search for new, innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. Adjust your application and apply again.


How can I ensure my idea won't be stolen?

Usually, we don't sign a non-disclosure agreement with founders at this early stage.


We have already started our project. Can we still apply to the AgriBusiness Accelerator?

Yes, sure. We have accepted many startups that have started the operation process. The more knowledge you have about your project, the better the application process will be.


Do you only accelerate startups that produce agricultural products?

No, we will consider startups in any filed related to the value chain of the agriculture sector. We accept startup ideas that provide business or technology services to the agricultural sector.


Do we have to write a business plan to join the AgriBusiness Accelerator?

No. We make our decision based on how feasible and applicable is your business idea and based on personal interviews. But later you have to have a solid business plan. 


How much funding/micro-loans do you provide/invest?

It depends. Case by case. But it can reach up to $20,000.


Can a single person apply for the AgBusienss Accelerator?

Yes. We usually accept single founders, but you must know that one-person startups are less likely to succeed with one single founder.


Do we have to register our company to obtain the AgriBusiness Accelerator services?

Not necessary in the very beginning! At the end of the acceleration cycle, you will obtain legal services to register your startup.


Can I come to visit the AgriBusiness Accelerator?

Sure, you are welcome! But you have to contact us in advance via email (info@agbusinesshub.ps) to make your visit more fruitful.


Will you get back to me regarding my business idea?

Yes.  If you apply via our webpage http://www.agbusinesshub.ps/en and we invite you to the first interview round.


What is the deadline for submitting an application?

There is no deadline! Founders are allowed to submit applications via our website http://www.agbusinesshub.ps/en throughout the whole year. We have two selection rounds; one in July regarding summer batches and one in December regarding winter batches.